An ultramarathon (also called ultra distance) is any sporting event involving running longer than

the traditional marathon length of 42.195 kilometres (26.2188 mi).

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ouch, my hip!

Last week (Easter weekend), we had a Easter run through some trails at Inspiration Point (Orinda). I must say, I am really learning to love that place more. It seems like nothing I experienced the first time I ran there. Everything seemed so fresh and green. There is something great that comes from a rain storm. In the midst of a storm and darkness can come beauty. My pictures don't really ever do justice.

Good thing I wore my new trail shoes! Love my Merrells!


Yesturday, we ran at Redwood Regional Park in Oakland. I wasn't quite prepared for a 4 hr. run. ....Yes, a 4 hr. run. I didn't remember reading that on the schedule. We were suppose to run 15-17 miles, but we had a few set-backs. Besides a few of us only having a few hours of sleep, one of the girls I was running with took a little tumble bruising her leg and hand, and on our way back we got lost! We had to stop several times due to our setbacks causing us to not run the full amount. The one thing I like about trail running is that it is not about mileage so much but time on your feet. We were however, out there for the whole 4 hrs. :) We (three of us) were exhausted and not entirely prepared. I think everyone has their off days and ours was most definitely yesterday. We did however stay positive throughout the entire run and stayed together as a team.

These signs were all over the place! :)

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